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23. Your loving friend — Caterina

Dearest Maria Grazia,
I must speak with you! I have received distressing news from my sister Agneta. She recounts events from our household in Lucca and paints a tale of betrayal of us and our dearly departed Lady Mother! I am direst need of your counsel so that I might share all that my sister has written me. I’ve tried to speak with Soura Aede but she has not your wisdom nor perception.

How long will you be away with your ministrations? Might you sneak away? I know that you have great responsibilities in your duties as Apothecary Apprentice. I would not wish you to destroy a tincture on my account. This is the first time we are parted since you were ministering to the sick sisters for a fortnight. You could not escape them for fear of contagion, but from these duties I wonder if you may excuse yourself for a time?

I miss you terribly if that is not obvious.
Please let me know if you can steal away, and when.

Your loving friend,


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