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6. Praying for your swift return to me — C

Feast of St. Januarius, 19 September 1285


Dearest MG,

I have encouraged Suora A. to discretely pass this note on to you in your confinement in the dispensary with Soura B.

How much longer will you be???

I am so bored without you! Without you, there is nothing to do in this wretched prison but pray and pray more! I shall expire if you remain in that closet much longer, I know I shall!

Absolutely nothing has happened since you have been enclosed in your chamber of ministrations. Except that the weather has turned cold at night and our shared cell is unbearable without you or a brazier. I am surely freezing to death without you to help warm the bed sheets!

Making matters worse, although the harvest is taking place, and by all accounts it has been a good one, Soura Bruna has inaugurated a menu of deprivation to prepare our bodies and souls for the long cold winter to come! The “porridge” we were served for midday repast was nothing more than warm water and onion skins! I shall die before my Father finds me a suitor and releases me from this prison! I know I shall.

Dear sweet Maria Grazia, please send word to me as to when you will be released from your indenture? I pray it is soon dear sister, for I need your calming presence.

Praying for your swift return to me,


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