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4. With my eternal gratitude — C

19, September 1285

Dearest Most Devout Suora Aede,

Please do not betray me! I know that you will immediately recognize my breviary, which I will have placed upon your cot in secret. My prayer is that whatever sense of affection you have for me will stay your actions and cause you to look within the book rather than bring it to the attention of the Prioress. Now that you have completed your vows, you are almost completely sequestered from the novitiates and lay girls–and I have no longer have any means of speaking with you. Thus I am forced to use such a furtive form of communication, interleaving this entreaty to you within the pages of my breviary.

I miss you, dear friend.

Our beloved friend, MG is sequestered in the apothecary closet with Suora Benedetta until such time as their labors in brewing healthful tonics are concluded. I am in dire need of communicating with her and I believe that you are tasked with daily providing meals to the dispensary? Can you pass a note to our dear friend MG, hidden within the accouterment of her meal? I am including my note to her within the Breviary herewith. I have no fear of it being read by Suora Benedetta should it be discovered, it is written in a cipher known only to my dear friend MG and myself. Should the note be found by Suora Benedetta she will believe it is a bit of nonsense that was mistakenly placed amidst the linens for the meal.

I pray that you will take pity on my wretchedness and pass this note along to MG. If you do, I will gladly share some of my roast with you as a form of thanks for your service.

Return my breviary to me in my chamber before None, so that it will not be missed.

Thank you, dear Suora Aede, for your assistance in this matter. I know I can trust you not to judge me for my weakness! I do appreciate the compassion with which you suffer those of us not destined for the cloth as we struggle to live in a sacred community.

With my eternal gratitude —


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